Industrial Insulation Belfast


We stock a wide range of insulation materials in our Belfast depot and ancillary products.

A call to the sales team at McCaig Collim to discuss your requirements will ensure you receive first class technical advice, competitive pricing and availability of product to fit your needs.

Industrial Insulation Belfast from McCaig Collim




Mineral Fibre Products

Pipe sections are available in glasswool (Isover & Sager) and in stonewool (Paroc & Rockwool), as are ductwraps (including Icerock), ductslabs, lamella mats and a range of plain or faced slabs to suit all industrial applications.

Along with wired mattresses, fire protection for ducting and pipework and products pre-fabricated to meet specialised OEM requirements, we supply a full range of mineral fibre from stock or to order, sourced from some of Europe’s largest and most reputable manufacturers, including Isover, Knauf Insulation, Paroc, Rockwool and Sager.

DSC08003Rigid Foams

With phenolic sections from Betaphen and Kingspan Tarec and phenolic & PIR duct systems available with standard finishes or specialised coverings such as VentureClad, member companies offer a full range of materials for HVAC applications.

In Nilflam/PIR (polyisocyanurate), PUR (polyurethane), EPS (polystyrene) and phenolic foams, we supply pipe sections & lags, slabs, laminates and pipe supports to meet the demands of HVAC and process industries, including cryogenic work.



Flexible Foams

Nitrile rubber pipe insulation is offered from Armacell including tube, self-seal tube, or pre-slit tube (using our specialised equipment).

Nitrile rubber is also supplied as coil, sheet, or roll – the latter two either plain or self-adhesive.

Additionally, specialised protective finishes and external cladding systems are available, along with innovative acoustic products for pipes and ductwork and AC equipment. Polyethylene & melamine foams are supplied as tube, sheet, and slab.

DSC07993Other Insulation Materials

Specialist and high-performance products available from McCaig Collim include calcium silicate & perlite (sections, lags & slabs), cellular glass (sections, lags, slabs & finishes), ceramic fibre (blankets, boards & accessories) and valve & flange jackets (made to order and offered supply-only or supply & fit).

The latest nano-technology has created highly efficient aerowool quilts for both hot and cold applications, also available from member companies.


DSC07960Asbestos Removal Consumables

In addition to an exhaustive choice of insulation materials, McCaig Collim also stock and supply a wide range of asbestos removal consumables.

These include respiratory equipment, workwear, safety wear, disposable clothing & hygiene products, handtools, wetting agents & penetrants, coatings & encapsulants, regulatory warning signs, pre-fabricated tenting systems, and asbestos waste bags and polythene sheeting (standard & FR grades).  Where required, waste bags and polythene sheet comply with LPS1207.



Industrial Ancillaries

To complete the picture, McCaig Collim supply a comprehensive range of industrial ancillaries – all types of fixings & fastenings; pipeline & ductwork identification; self-adhesive tapes; cements and compounds; coverings such as Isogenopak, VentureClad, PIB sheet, canvas, felt, glass tissue & scrim; bituminous paints; glass cloths & textiles; and adhesives, sealants, coatings & mastics from the likes of Idenden and Fosters.

Metal products such as banding, jacketing and sheet are available in aluminium, stainless steel and proprietary materials.



Structural Insulation

A full range of structural materials for new build and for refurbishment of both commercial & domestic construction is available from McCaig Collim.

Insulation products in glasswool and stonewool are offered from Isover, Knauf Insulation, Rockwool, Superglass and Ursa for all structural applications in lofts, roofs, cavities, floors, external cladding & internal partitions.

Rigid foam boards from Celotex, Kay Metzeler, Kingspan Insulation, Quinntherm, Recticel, Xtratherm, as well as Polyfoam from Knauf Insulation, are stocked and supplied to meet requirements for roofs (flat & pitched), cavities, under-floor and internal & external wall insulation.

Additionally, innovative and highly efficient laminate boards – such as the Ultra range – offer both quality and value in meeting the demands of improving regulation & standards.

High-performance multi-layer quilts such as Actis, Alumaflex and TLX (Silver, Gold, & Rafter-fit) are available, along with acoustic foams from Thermal Economics, and vapour barriers, breather membranes and radon barriers from Monarflex & Visqueen.

Drywall products from British Gypsum, Knauf Drywall and Lafarge are offered with their branded fixing systems and accessories, as are metal systems from Hadley Steel Sections, Protektor and SAS. Member companies can also offer plasterboard recycling facilities where available.

A comprehensive choice of structural ancillaries includes cavity barriers, cavity trays & ventilation products from such as Glidevale, external renders from K-Rend, Parex & Weber, polythene sheet (BBA & TPS) and DPMs, and a full range of wall ties, fixings and fasteners from leading manufacturers.


DSC07969Passive Fire Protection

In addition to thermal and acoustic insulation for industrial and structural use, McCaig Collim supply a range of specialised and accredited products for passive fire protection and fire-stopping in construction and industry, including high-performance and critical applications such as kitchen extract ducting.

These products include: intumescent batts, mastics, foams and coatings; pipe collars and wraps; intumescent door strips & inserts; fireproof coatings; fire barrier mats (plain & foil); mineral fibre slabs and mats for ductwork; and rigid board and sheet materials for column & beam protection, and fixings.