REMS Power Tools

McCaig Collim is a distributor for REMS Power Tools.


Adjustable hand die stocks, hand die stocks, electric hand die stocks, quick-change die heads, dies, threading machines, threading attachments, nipple holders, thread-cutting oils

Roll Grooving

Roll grooving attachments, roll grooving machines


Universal electric reciprocating saws, electric reciprocating pipe saws, pneumatic reciprocating pipe saw, cordless universal reciprocating saw, special saw blades, universal saw blades, saw blades, circular pipe sawing machine, universal circular metal sawing machine

Cutting, Chamfering, Deburring, Assembling

Pipe cutters, pipe cutting machine, cutter wheels, pipe shears, pipe cutting and pipe chamfering tool, pipe cutting tool, universal deburrer, outer-inner deburrer, inner pipe deburrer, outer-inner tube deburrer, Swedish pattern wrenches ‘S’, water pump pliers, folding work bench, material supports, hand pressure testing pump, electric pressure testing pump


Single-hand tube bender, electric pipe and tube bender, hand tube bender, bending formers and back formers

Radial Press Jointing

Manual radial press, electric radial presses, cordless radial presses, pressing tongs, cropping tongs

Axial Press Jointing

Electric axial press, cordless axial presses

Expanding, Extracting

Hand tube expanders, cordless tube expander, hand tube extractor, electric tube extractor, electric tube expander

Soldering, Brazing

Cleaning pads, electric soldering pliers, electric soldering unit, turbo soldering torch propane, turbo soldering torch acetylene, soldering material


Pipe freezer, electric pipe freezing unit

Pipe and Drain Cleaning, Pipe and Drain Inspection

Electronic camera inspection system, electric pipe and drain cleaning machines, drain cleaners for manual and electric operation

Plastic Pipe Welding

Electric sleeve welding unit, sleeve welding units, butt welding machines, butt welding units

Diamond Core Drilling

Electric diamond core drilling machines